Fundraising, Danceoffs, IDAHOBIT and Supanova!

Last two months has been a very big time for me, besides studies and such!

Last May, I volunteered to be a part of Curtin Volunteers, raising funds for Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation, which I donated time and braved the weather to do some charity work. I came into university in a Disney-bound Minnie Mouse outfit and danced off with fellow students and came out victorious! It was a great time spending time doing some charity work in cosplay and spreading my name brand. Thank you to all who donated their time and money to help fund Music Therapy for children! Thank you to all who came to see me too!

I was a part of the photoshoot for Curtin Guild’s Queer Department for International Day of Homophobia, Biphobia, Interphobia and Transphobia. The photo was released on Curtin’s Instagram on Friday. It is the day to raise awareness that there is still phobia regarding gender or sexuality.

Supanova happened last weekend! I had fun being in cosplay as Princess Bubblegum last Saturday! I am also doing an article for Cream about my experience and taking photos! I’m going places I never thought I would. Besides Supanova, I will also start a possible album reviews for Cream. My first review will come out at Wednesday!

Thank you for following me in my cosplay journey and thank you to all the people I meet along the road! I promise you, there are going to be more!

Mango xo

Quick Cosplay Update

Since no one has known what happened to my existence since forever. I was gone-ski since my entire summer plan has been delayed due to factors I do not have control of.

I had an entire lineup of posts that were supposed to be up by last month, but due to having a really difficult time setting up this bad boy and other conflicting schedules, moving and having sans proper internet, I wasn’t able to do this launch properly.

When I am in a more settled position, I will do a:

  • cosplay studio room tour
  • sewing challenge
  • commission updates
  • cosplay updates

Now added to much more needed stress, I am also studying at University, doing an interesting course. Pretty much this cosplay page/website is still going to be running at monthly pace, on top of my studies. My studies had been hectic at the moment, studying 4 units has been really difficult. I still haven’t finished this website, so expect by next week that I will keep this page up and running again, updating on Fridays.

See you next time!

Mango ❤

Hello 2019!

Hello, 2019! 2018 was such a wonderful time for cosplay, but 2019 will be a better year in store.

Though there are fewer conventions to go around, it won’t stop me from putting up content! For the rest of January, I have some things a brewing!

My cosplay and aim for this year are:

  • Keeping a regular posting schedule on top of my university work and my career
  • Do more photo shoots and do more cosplay
  • Improve my cosplay

This coming Friday would be my announcement for this year’s planned cosplays!

On top of new website and cosplay, I will be also learn sewing using sewing challenges! I want to improve my sewing abilities so I can sew better costumes. I will ask you, my friends, about what to sew and I will post my work on YouTube and my other social media too.

I hope to see you in the next post again!